Three to Five

“Love at First Shite,” from American English, Italian Chocolate

My paternal grandparents lived on a farm, with no indoor plumbing.



“Say What?” from a recent blog post

 At the far end of the room, a long table, a dozen men seated and leaning over their plates.


“On Winetasting and the Limits of Winespeak,” from Get Thee to a Bakery

On a scale of 0-3, 0 being never again, 3 being bring it on, I’d give this wine a 2.



“Chalant,” from The Enjoy Agenda

Be brave. Get a haircut in Italy.


“Anyone Who Had a Half a Heart,” from Get Thee to a Bakery.

Burt Bacharach, the Jesus store, and a bout of constipation.


“Take the Money,” from Get Thee to a Bakery

In Italy, ATM.  Always. But what if you have to go IN the bank? Have fun with that.


“A Suite, a Swim, a Fish,” from Get Thee to a Bakery

Gulf of Mexico and a really crappy hotel.  What to do???


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